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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #37: “Milwaukee, Here I Come” by George Jones

April 10, 2008

I'll Share My World with You cover50 greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #37

“Milwaukee, Here I Come” by George Jones

Album: “I’ll Share My World With You”

Chart Peak: #12

City, State, or Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Famous for his unmistakable vocals and unique look at the struggles of life, George produced a minor hit in the 60s that would pair him up with several different women such as Tammy Wynette and Brenda Carter in several different versions of a tune about one of the most musical city’s in America, Milwaukee. This city has a long history of musical heritage and even today is seen as one of the most musical cities in the United States rivaling the likes of L.A. and Nashville. In true country music style George tackles the popularity issues of artists at the time in this catchy, toe tapping tune.

Jones puts himself in the position of a struggling artist trying to stand up with those who have joined the Opry. Such artists as Jerry Lee Lewis, Lester Flatt and Ernest Tubb are included in the storyline as he attempts to level up to their success and ultimately asks who the people want to here, them or him. Also the singer explains how his life started in Milwaukee and his move up to Nashville standard also started there. The musical city has been a center of musical expression and up and rising stars for over 100 years.

That fact ultimately sums up the song because the singer is trying to decide whether it’s even worth remaining in Nashville or not because it seems that he has been overpowered by the Opry members and other more popular stars. Thus he says he gonna go back to Milwaukee where he will fit in a little more. This song is very significant for the city because, with the help of the always popular No Show Jones, it put Milwaukee right up there with Nashville as a popular spot for musical encouragement and entertainment.

Location of Milwaukee inMilwaukee County, Wisconsin

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