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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #38: “Gone To Carolina” by Shooter Jennings

April 10, 2008

Electric Rodeo50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #38

“Gone To Carolina” by Shooter Jennings

Album: “Electric Rodeo”

Chart Peak: N/A

City, State, or Town: The Carolinas

Shooter Jennings may not hail from either of the Carolinas, but he had a hit video on his hands off of his second album that was inspired by the down home feeling of the south. Although Shooter never specifies whether North or South Carolina are at the center of the song, he doesn’t need to because the basic moral off the song works for either one. In fact many people don’t separate the Carolinas when they live there, instead they say they just live in Carolina. That what this song is all about in the end, is having a home no matter where it is.

Jennings is of course the well known son of country outlaw legend Waylon Jennings and shows all the southern rock and rebellious personality that has been passed down to him with his music. He understands the significance of having a home to go to and a place to know that you belong and although this may not be a sentimental song that’s what it’s all about is having a home to go to when you need someone to love or some place to go when life comes down on you once in a while or even if you just need a breather.

Of course this song isn’t really mushy. In fact its rock and roll feel makes it very entertaining and catchy. Leave it to Shooter to have a hidden sentiment inside a southern rock tune and leave it to a southern rock influence to bring out an awsome sounding song about a state that rivals “Sweet Home Alabama”. It’s always cool to hear a song that makes you think a litle bit but ultimatly has you having a good time and enjoying the ride. Like many others on this list Shooter leaves his listeners singing about Carolina even if they never have or never will see the land of either one.



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