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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #40: “Laredo” by Chris Cagle

April 9, 2008

Laredo50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #40

“Laredo” by Chris Cagle

Album: “Play it Loud:

Chart Peak: #8

City, State, or Town: Laredo, Texas

There’s nothing like memories that can make you think and regret your decision to leave in a relationship. That’s exactly what Chris Cagle hopes will happen in his hit from his debut album. The song has Chris speaking to the town hoping that it can help his former lover remember all the good times they had there and make her turn aroudn before she hits the city limits and loses those memories forever. Through the story, Chris expresses how love and location can be intertwined to create some of the most effective and precious moments in a person’s life.

The storyline has Chris conversing with the town of Laredo, giving it a humanistic quality which immediatly shows its significance to him as not only a home, but the location of some of the most cherished events that he could ever have hoped to experience. These events of course are those of love and devotion that had gone on between him and his now ex-girlfriend who is leaving him, the town, and their memories behind. The only things that can turn her around sre those very memories and the happiness that the two had together when they occured. Chris pleads to the town in a desperate attempt to make his fleeing love relive those happy moments and remember just how much she loves him. In fact he even points out “So get her back to the day we met/’Cause that’s as far as she needs to get”. He begs Laredo to rekindle every memory that has made the relationship so valuable and great because he knows that will make her turn back around.

In the process of hoping his girl will make that u-turn, Chris relives many memories of his own, all romantic and very powerful to the character he portrays in the lyrics. Although this song doesn’t give Loredo a popularity boost or “put it on the map”, it does make a few very important points. First off it shows that when you’re in love all it takes is that one place to keep those memories alive because of all the special moments you shared there. In addition, “Laredo” also makes a statement by showing how love can make a state or even a small town the most important place in your heart.



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