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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #35: “God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas

April 10, 2008

Big Time50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #35

“God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas

Album: “Big Time”

Chart Peak: #4

City, State, or Town: Texas

Leave it to a band called Little Texas to pay tribute to the big state. Once again we see Texas being glorified by a country band in probably one of the most memorable top 5 hits from any country band in the 90s. This song is meant to encourage fun and enjoyment in Texas and attempts to make it shine not only as a significant state to the genre but also as a gift from God to the world.

The song starts off with a man explaining how he has searched the world and seen some pretty girls and places in his day, but one place in particular shines above them all. Guess what, that would be Texas which he goes on in the chorus to relate to Heaven as a place of happiness, beauty and most of all perfection. Little Texas makes a bold statement by narrowing the legendary works of God to Texas, basically promoting it as the promised land. As the singer states, “I’ve been sent to spread the message/God blessed Texas”. This blessing of course refers to God giving Texas the prettiest woman, the most enjoyable landscape, the best music, etc.

Of the many songs about the largest state on the mainland this is probably the most memorable. It’s not uncommon to find even a new age country lover who can’t help but sing along to this hit. It’s a bold statement that has been heard loud and clear and has made Texas one of the first states to come to mind for fans of any genre when they think of country music. It is impressive that this song has stood the test of time as a Texas pride anthem and a country music classic.

Map of the United States with Texas highlighted
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  1. Leeann permalink
    April 11, 2008 12:07 am

    Oh yeah, I remember loving this song.

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