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50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs – #34: “Telluride” by Tim McGraw/Josh Gracin

April 11, 2008

We Weren't Crazy50 Greatest City, State, And Town Songs: #34

“Telluride” by Tim McGraw/Josh Gracin

Album: “Set This Circus Down”, “We Weren’t Crazy”

Chart Peak: #52

City, State, or Town: Telluride, Colorado

There have been songs about the desert, songs about the beach, and songs about the city that have helped define a variety of country fans across the nation. It’s about time someone sang about the mountains and the snow for a change. Tim McGraw penned the song in 2001 as an album cut from his “Set This Circus Down” album and more recently this love tune based in the snowy mountains of Telluride, Colorado appeared on the latest album from American Idol alumni Josh Gracin. Although the song is more contemporary than traditional country is brings the genre to a whole new location for young love and heartbreak.

The song takes place in the Rocky Mountains near the slopes that have made Telluride a popular vacation spot. The singer, Tim or Josh, puts himself in the character of a man who has left home for his own adventures only to find love in this sleepy little town full of rich kids and winter supporters. For a nice change the song focuses on the fireside and snowy nights of the area and twists them into a romantic country feel instead of focusing on the traditional country scenery that have been expressed as green and warm for years.

Not only does this song stray from tradition, but it also shows that country music stretches much farther than the warm and sunny areas of deserts and beaches. Telluride is very popular for its Rocky Mountain ranges which provide ski slopes and a winter wonderland that makes it perfect for acting as the backdrop for a completely new love story in country music. The character in the song falls in love in a town that he thought was small and insignificant and in the end it was that short time in Telluride that made him realize that love is not confined to more popular and well known places, but it can happen anywhere. Josh and Tim prove here that you don’t need a barn and a field to be a country fan, all you need is good taste in music.

Location in San Miguel County and the State of Colorado


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