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Single Review: “Strange” by Reba McEntire

April 22, 2009

After debuting her new single for Valory Records on the ACM Awards, Reba’s newest single has already soured into the top 40 on the charts, but does it stand up to the credentials of this country music diva?

In true classic country tough girl form, Reba tackles the concept of a broken heart from a tastefully optimistic perspective. “Strange” is anything but, actually I believe that is rekindles the flame that used to be the powerful and masterful career that Reba had in her prime. The story of the song revolves around Reba’s character, a woman suffering from heartbreak, but after all the crying and pain she wakes up the next morning to find that what she thought was impossible actually ended up happening, she got over the man she thought she would love forever.

With a beat that will make even the most heartbroken woman jump up and wanna feel like Reba, “Strange” is surely effective and leaves a lasting impression for some time. It may seem a little generic considering all the fuss that was made about its release, but Reba’s return to country radio solidifies once more her reputation for being a true country diva. heck, this song could probably give Miranda and Carrie a run for their money, all Reba has to do is wake up, that’s her revenge and there’s nothing sweeter than that.


Final Say: Favorable

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  1. April 22, 2009 12:26 pm

    I agree that Reba is a true country diva but this song is a little weaker than what I thought her first single would be. In my iTunes, it gets only three stars. And I love this woman … just not this song.

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