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Single Review: “I Want My Life Back” by Bucky Convington

April 1, 2009

Bucky has a voice fit for uptempo southern rock/country crossbreed songs. His vocals are rough and jagged and he has an image and performance value that supports his faster and more entertaining offerings. What he seems to have trouble with is using his rough vocals to perform a good ballad, at least that’s the way it seemed. As the first track from his upcoming sophomore project Covington offers up a ballad that’s a perfect fit for his rigid vocals titled “I Want Me Life Back”.

Stripped down this song is a pretty touchy story about a man who wants to get back all the things he’s lost, inspired by a homeless man who has lost it all. The main character meets this man on the sidewalk and offers money only to find that all the homeless man wants is the things he can’t get back, the life that was stripped from him both by chance and by fault of his own. This experience brings about a revelation for the main character who realizes what he lost in his ex, someone he considers to be his life, and resolves to try and get her back. This whole thing actually plays out to be a rather awakening storyline and something relatively different in its own right. The concept is nothing new, but the approach manages to hold its own rather well.

As far as Covington’s performance, this song is a great fit for his vocal type as it provides him with a ballad that actually compliments it. Despite this there are parts that sound a little held back. Specifically when the key changes so does Bucky’s spot on performance as it retracts a little bit almost seeming like had he gone all out his voice would have gone over the top of even cracked at some point. Now it’s possible, and probable, that he has the range needed to carry through that moment, but we don’t hear that. Instead what we get half way through the song is a little too conservative of a performance that kind of defeats the purpose of the intense quality behind both Bucky’s voice and the song itself. Relatively speaking, this is one of Bucky’s very best so far, but given a closer listen his attempt to create a perfect performance fails to compliment what was so pure about his voice for this song in the first place.

Final Say: Favorable



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