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Single Review: “Shine” by Joe Dee Messina

March 28, 2009

Jo Dee Messina has definitely proven herself one of the most underrated artists out right now. What was once a huge run at radio seems to have faltered somewhere along the line. it could be her material, it could be radio’s arrogance at times, or it could be her tragic relation to Curb. Whatever the reason, hopefully this will help her recover.

Although not a blow your mind great song, “Shine” has it’s bright points as Jo Dee attempts to create an inspiring and uplifting anthem to life. Of course this is nothing new coming from the singer of songs like “Bring On The Rain” and “Delicious Surprise”. With that in mind Shine does lack a little bit of sparkle considering that it is an often over approached concept that takes real skill to help it stand out, and Messina does just that.

Packed with hard core pop/country production and a vocal performance that remind us all why Jo Dee deserves much more than what she’s getting “Shine” does manage to shine a little bit. This production trick helps bring out a little more of the fun and power behind both the lyric and Jo Dee performance to help it stand on it’s own just a little better. Still one can only hope that Messina’s latest offering to country radio can help her recover from her pitfall, because with a song like this there are no guarantees no matter how hard you try to make it stand out.

Final Say: Favorable

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  1. Country Music Fan permalink
    March 30, 2009 3:08 pm

    I like Jo Dee as a singer but like all women singers age seems to play a big part in their radio airplay. Women seem to have a harder time then men. In the video age they need to remain thin and beautiful. After a time however, they become legends and are welcomed backed by country fans.

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