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Single Review: “Boy Like Me” by Jessica Harp

March 19, 2009

Many may remember the breakthrough country duo that made a splash in 2006 called The Wreckers who have since disbanded for solo careers in country music. Jessica Harp was one half of that duo and has now released her debut single for Warner Bros. Records, “Boy Like Me”.

As far as a standout single this song is quite unique in its own way. Opposed to many other songs of this type, Harp approaches the idea of just going wild in a relationship, in many different ways ranging from redneck pastimes to sexual activity. These concepts help Harp’s single, written by her record producer Jerry Flower, stand in a genre that is often dominated by goody-to-shoe love songs. It’s refreshing to hear Harp go out on a limb and sing about just having a good time with her perfect man without all the corny cliches and traditional values holding her back.

Many were skeptical about how Harp would do without the star power of Michelle Branch to help her make her way in the genre, but “Boy Like Me” proves that she really does have that potential to advance on her own. With an enjoyable pop/country feel, risky and catchy writing, and a vocal performance that leaves it all out there, this is one of the more enjoyable surprises of the year so far.


Grade: B+

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