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Single Review: “Kiss A Girl” by Keith Urban

March 13, 2009

I love it when an artist makes it easy and simple to rate a song. Keith is a consistent and fabulously talented artist in his own right, and he continues to prove that in his latest single “Kiss A Girl”.

While a little less glorified than his previous mind-blowing offerings, “Kiss A Girl” continues a tradition of fabulous vocal and instrumental arrangements from Keith that bring out everything and anything great about him as a performer and a singer. Maybe it’s good that this energetic love song fails to stand out as flawlessly as Keith’s other offerings because it helps remind his fans that he doesn’t need the best material out there. Keith can take any song of any stature and turn it into a goldmine of musical potential. As generic as it is, “Kiss A Girl” is another solid and memorable offering from Keiththat keeps him on top of his game and well above the competition.

Grade: A-

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  1. gloria permalink
    March 13, 2009 12:22 pm

    Awe, so true cowboybleau! I do like this song and I think Keith is the best live entertainer and singer around. I just wish sometimes he would not sing about love all the time and get deep, but I can’t deny I do like this song!


  1. Keith Urban "Kiss A Girl" | Hear "Kiss A Girl" on the station| Read Keith Urban "Kiss A Girl" review | The Georgia Jukebox

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