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Single Review: “Sissy’s Song” by Alan Jackson

March 7, 2009

Alan Jackson’s fourth single from his completely self-penned album Good Timeis a real tearjerker. Death is always a very touchy and delicate topic to cover, especially in country music. Alan makes his move at dealing with the death of a loved one in this sentimental and heart-wrenching ballad.

According to Jackson, he once had a woman working for his family who was named Sissy and died unexpectedly in an accident, an event that was very tragic for Jackson and his family as this woman had become very close to them. One day he wrote down and penned out his feelings about the situation, as most good writers do, and thus we have this song, “Sissy’s Song”. Unlike most songs of this type, the concept of morning is not the real center of attention. Sure it does show a little bit of depression and confusion over losing someone close to you, but it is more centered around dealing with these emotions rather than feeling tortured by them

Alan narrates the ballad as he asks the typical question like “Why did she have to go?” and bring into the light that typical confusion I mentioned. However, the chorus brings everything to a more optimistic climax and Jackson considers what Sissy would say right now and instills confidence in himself that wherever she is, she is safe. That being said, this song will go down as one of Jackson’s most effective works to date, right up there with other magical ballads like “Remember When” and “Where Were You”. Once again we see how talented Jackson is when taking into consideration some of the most delicate topics the world provides.


Grade: A


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