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Single Review: “Up To Him” by Tracy Lawrence

March 4, 2009

As is obvious by this new single from Tracy, his next album titled The Rock will be an inspirational project. The first single from said project is a rather casual and toned down look at how God can, not so much does, come into play in everyday life, an image that, in its own right, is actually rather unique for a song of this type.

Tracy’s character in this mid-tempo ballad is a working man, one who fits in with the everyday blue collar worker and hard working citizen who has nothing to his name that gives him an edge, basically a representative of the modern middle-class American. On that note, the entire song revolves around the narrator’s examination of how things are and how they could be in the future if things go down the wrong path. To that end, he considers the struggles he would have to face, but instead of simply dropping it all on God’s shoulders as you would expect, he actually considers the possibility that there is only so much God can do for the world, let alone him. He simply states “I’m gonna work like it’s all up to me and pray like it’s all up to him.”

Now this is a unique way to approach this subject because the narrator, concerned for his family, his job, and his way of life, sees God as a helpful hand and a guiding light, but not necessarily a universal provider. He doesn’t depend only on God for the answer and considers that maybe he’ll have to face what’s to come on his own, thus he’ll work like it’s up to him to tackle the times, but pray for God to help him to give him hope. Most religious anthems reveal a sense of dependence on this hope and believing in God, but this song avoids that considering his existence, but also realizing that some things in life you just need to be prepared for one way or another and you will get through them. It’s nice to see a song of this caliber actually telling people they need to take some responsibility once in a while, even if there is a God there to help out sometimes. Definatly a lot more than I expected it to be and probably a landmark inspirational ballad for the time that will hopefully put Tracy back in the mix once again.


Grade: B+

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