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Single Review: “The Days You Live For” by Matt Gary

February 28, 2009

Although he may be placed on an indie label for the moment, that does not mean that new artist Matt Gary has no opportunity for growth in this genre. He is part of a growing popularity for indie label artists who are hidden beneath the surface of what has become a very political genre over the past few years. Gary’s debut single from 17 Music Entertainment is a nice introduction to who he really is, true, talented, and an all around good old boy.

“The Days You Live For” may be cliche, but it works. This pop-country power song surrounds the often overused concept of recollecting the most beautiful moments of your life, like that first car, getting married or having your first child, but maybe a corny feel good country-pop tune like this is what country music needs right now. Not only i the song catchy and entertaining, Gary poors his heart and soul into it in a style familiar to fans of Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Mark Wills or Keith Urban. He takes a cliche and easily overlooked song and turns it into a true eye opening experience all its own, putting him well above much of his recent competition.

Gary approaches this song with a lot of talent and heart, making it believable, entertaining, and memorable, the aspects that are a must in a huge hit. While this song may not shine as well for traditionalist thinkers, from a contemporary perspective this song is just as good as anything out there right now. If you like it it’ll get stuck in your head for a long time and if you don’t it has the ability to get to you eventually. Coming from an Indie artist like Gary, this is a pretty impressive first shot at radio that deserves a lot more attention than it will probably get.


Grade: A-

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