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Single Review: “Cry, Cry (‘Til The Sun Shines)” by Heidi Newfield

February 19, 2009

The most recent hit of the ACM Awards, having scored the most nominations by a female artist, tries to follow up her smash debut hit “Johnny And June” with her sophomore single, “Cry, Cry”. Little known fact, this is a cover of Martina McBride’s unreleased song from her “Waking Up Laughing” album.

This seems to be an all too common trend in country music these days. Many seem to be taking full advantage of everyone else’s disadvantages and releasing inspiring songs about life’s troubles, both big and small. As you have probably figured out, this is one of those songs as Newfield narrates her attempts to inspire people she knows that life always gets better in the end. As respectable as this is as an attempt to bring some light into the shadows that have engulfed American life, it falls a little short.

Although Heidi pulls off a nice, and impressively natural and casual performance that helps the song stand out musically, the message itself is what holds it down. The lyrics don’t try hard enough to make the story believable or effective and it takes a couple listens to make a connection between the verses and the two line chorus that sums up the song’s general purpose. That being said the song does not flow quite right,with the verses and chorus standing on their own, which makes it very vulnerable to the many other songs of this type that are much easier to follow and more to the point from the very beginning.


Grade: B-

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  1. Blake Boldt permalink
    February 25, 2009 7:32 pm

    Pretty good singer, needs better songs. Hope the ACM buzz motivates her going forward.

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