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Single Review: “Country Star” by Pat Green

February 17, 2009

Although a single like this is an anthem fir fans like me, I find it less than amusing as a radio hit. Steaming off the minor success of his latest single “Let Me”, Pat Green decided to take a novelty song from his latest album and release it to radio in hopes of ditching his once great Texas fan base for a shot at an all around country music fan-base by incorporating the all to popular dream of being a country music superstar into a fast paced pop-country tune.

There are many things wrong with this song. For one it’s not Pat Green. This is not the same Pat who offered up “Don’t Break My Heart Again”, “Wave On Wave” or “Dixie Lullaby”. This is a new Pat who even himself questioned the reaction he would get to this tune. I enjoyed it on the album and thought it quite amusing to shout out to the wanna-be country star with references to several popular names in the business today. However, as a radio single is just seems to come off as immature and random.

The point is that this is a decent album cut and a surprising rival to Kenny Chesney’s better conceived “Big Star” from years back, but it’s not Pat green and it just doesn’t show on radio as it does on the album.


Grade: C-

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