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Single Review: “We’re All Here” by River County

February 11, 2009

Well my blog has been slow lately, very few responses sense the end of the CC Awards. So sense everyone would rather listen, I’ve got something for your ears to satisfy, these guys. River County got a 3/5 on their debut Indie label album here on Country Central, but don’t let that fool you. It wasn’t their material that knocked them down, it was their lack of production quality which wasn’t even that bad considering what they are working with.

I’m actually disappointed this trio isn’t on a major label. They could easily give today’s reining groups a good run for their money mixing in their own brand of honky tonk country and back yard party tunes. Technically their debut single, “We’re All Here” is a perfect example of what this band really could bring to the table if given the opportunity. Mixing crowd pleasing personality with some of the most comical, but well thought out cliches of classic bar patron songs these guys offer a honky tonk anthem that could give Montgomery Gentry or even Big and Rich a run for their rebel dollars. The song basically travels through a bar taking a look at everyone there and concludes with a statement that not only helps this song stand on its own, but also earns a good chuckle “we’re all here ’cause we ain’t all there.”

It might be a stretch to say these guys could be the biggest new thing on the scene is given the opportunity, but they would certainly have the potential to rock the cradle a little bit and give the competition something new to shoot for. These guys are down to earth, enjoyable, and obviously love what their doing and once you get passed what many would consider a overused concept in this song you realize that it’s all in good fun and you’ll be coming back for me.


Grade: B+

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