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Single Review: “Like A Woman” by Jamie O’ Neal

February 11, 2009

Jamie O’ Neal hit her prime in the beginning of the new millennium when music was still part of the everyday life and not so computerized. She started off her career nicely with a few #1’s, but it took years to return to the top 10 and she let go from her former label. Now she releases her first single for new label 1720 Entertainment as an Indie artist.

In case some of you have forgotten what Jamie sounds like or why people like her, this song will answer all your questions. “Like A Woman” puts Jamie in the persona of a woman begging her man to make her feel like a real woman and feel loved again. Throughout the song O’ Neal pulls off a vocal performance that could easily give Carrie or Martina a good run for their money if country radio actually cared. Her range here is off the charts and the energy and emotion she packs into the chorus really brings out a sincere feeling of self-torture and longing for what she wants to have, almost as if she got right down on her knees in front of her own man and sang this song right there in the heat of the moment. It;s realistic, basically is what I’m trying to say here. Jamie gives it an all out performance that really proves she has the right stuff, people just need to see, or rather hear it.

“Like A Woman” may have a flawless performance to it, but it’s not perfect. It’ll be hard to sella song like this as an indie artist to radio without losing out…a lot. Other women have this range and have her voice, the difference between them and Jamie is that they have stand-out-material that will shine lyrically as well as musically. Jamie’s debut indie single may have the emotion packed right in, but that’s the only aspect of this song that makes it good and I don’t think Jamie should have to hold the entire song up on her own like she does here. Impressive though that she manages to do just that.


Grade: B+

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  1. Blake Boldt permalink
    February 19, 2009 8:06 pm

    For sure. I really like Jamie—loved “There Is No Arizona”—but this is a boring song.

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