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Single Review: “Love Your Love The Most” by Eric Church

February 9, 2009

Eric Church follows up his recent failure to return to the charts with “My Kind Of Money”, but this time he takes a much more simplistic and straight forward approach to the concept of love to try and rekindle the flame of his career. Church is a great talent as a vocalist and a writer, but it’s easy to be just a little to simplistic when you try and make a good song.

Sadly that’s what happened here. Eric takes the position of a man singing a sweet and romantic tune to the woman he loves, trying to explain that of all the things he loves in this life her love is the thing he loves the most of all. There’s nothing wrong with Eric’s performance or the production here from my perspective, but what is a little flawed is the writing of the song. The comparisons are disorganized and too simple in some ways which only makes an otherwise decent song seem scattered and thrown together for the sake of writing a song.

Church is class act in country music and could potentially become the next Dierks Bentley if he was given the chance and the exposure. However, this song is not the way to approach such a possibility. As heartwarming as the message may be the song is just average and just doesn’t seem to have the potential to garner any new fans. Compared to Eric’s other material, pretty much the entire first album actually, this single is just good enough to catch the ear, but it doesn’t really stick like the rest of Church’s songbook. He has better material and he himself has written better material than this, so where is it?


Grade: C

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  1. March 4, 2009 12:54 pm

    While I have to disagree with the writer, who says this song is too simple? What are Taylor Swift’s songs? Complicated?? I love this song and it’s an ‘Eric Church’song. Eric Church shines LIVE and should be seen live to know where he is coming from! I am looking forward to his release of ‘Carolina’ March 24th! I think Nashville will love it, too.

    Click the link below to enter to win a VIP Experience with Eric Church including dinner with Eric!! A must for Eric Church fans!

  2. August 12, 2009 11:24 pm

    If you don’t like the song, it is because you don’t understand it. To someone who likes all those things, I think it is a darn fine song. Also, only my opinion matters, because I am a fan, the type that would buy his record.

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