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Single Review: “Whatever It Is” by the Zac Brown Band

February 5, 2009

The Zac Brown Band are the true underdogs of the past year, scoring a #1 hit and some well deserved attention from the country music community with “Chicken Fried” and their debut album The Foundation. For their second release from the album Zac leads the band through a much more peaceful and casual single in “Whatever It Is”.

What makes this song and the band so attractive is that they apply an interesting sense of sincerity and truth behind every song they sing, this is present throughout their album as well. “Whatever It Is” is a mix of romance, release and just general feel good word play that is bound to give you butterflies inside just thinking about the feeling that Zac portrays. That’s just it though… is it too perfect? The life and the feeling portrayed throughout is mushy and really upbeat, but it draws into question what else there is to offer. Unless you’re really in love for the first time or just having a good day, there’s nothing else really there to make you think.

There is so much going on in this song that it’s maybe a little to tight nit and peaceful for its own good at some points, failing to leave the story open to much interpretation or argumentation. So in a sense, this song is almost to good to be true and with that in mind it leaves no real room for escalation or degradation. It’s just there whenever you need it. Ironically this songs major flaw is that it has no nativities or backstory to hold up it’s positive and enjoyable concept, but it’s still a cool song.

Grade: B

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