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Brent Keith: From Nashville Star to American Idol

January 22, 2009

It might be a little soon to make waves, but just the thought of a former Nashville Star contestant shining on American Idol is both hilarious and relieving. Brent Keith, a former contestant on the second season of Nashville Star, has successfully made it through to the Hollywood round in the 8th season of American Idol as a hopeful representative of the country genre.

Brent is an Ohio native who passed through the Louisville auditions with flying colors on the hit show this past Wed. On the much less successful and highly criticised country music rival to Idol, Nashville Star, Keith went home 6th, at the time much younger, much less experienced, and having much longer hair. Sense his run Keith has garnered success as the singer of the lead track from the CMT film Dale, “I’m Looking For A Road”, and has been featured on their Studio 330 Sessions numerous times.

With the understanding that it would be jumping the gun to see him as a future top 12 contestant, it is my opinion that Keith one of the best and most deserving sense Underwood to have a go at the show, so keep an eye out and here’s to hoping he makes it this time and shows Nashville Star what a real reality show can produce.

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