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Single Review: “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts

January 21, 2009

Ah, the Rascal Flatt’s boys. Being the most supportive blogger in my group of associates towards embracing contemporary country and its sound you would think I would be all for these guys. Lately that hasn’t been the case. Sense the release of their previous project Still Feels Good I lost faith in the trio and lost support for their music, at least their new material. I actually miss enjoying the music these guys bring, from their powerful ballads like “I’m Movin’ On” to their upbeat anthems like “Life Is A Highway”…… wait…what is this….Holy Crap!!!!

That’s right ladies and gentleman, country music’s hottest trio may have hit a pot hole with their previous album, but we finally see a glimmer of hope for this once unmatchable group. Appropriatly enough their next album will be titled Unstoppable and ironically enough their new single is a magnificent ballad titled “Here Comes Goodbye”. For American Idol fans, the writing credit should have some familiarity for Season 6 finalist Chris Sligh co-penned it. That being said “Here Comes Goodbye” comes of as more pop than country, but that doesn’t prevent it from being a good song. The story follows a man’s observations of his lover pulling into the drive slowly, almost reluctantly, and finally realizing it’s time for goodbye.

The song’s lyric has the man weighing the possibilities of what might have been or what he wanted between him and his soon to be ex as he concludes, using his knowledge of her and his insecurity, that she is going to break it off. This discomfort and fear creates an emotionally charged and thought provoking tune that is much more underneath than it may seem on the surface. Not only does lead singer Gary bring out the mood and self-torture of the character’s current predicament, but the story itself is so tightly packed and well established that it leaves the true nature of the character’s conclusion open to opinion and never reveals what really happens in the end, leaving it open for interpretation as well.

As I said, Holy Crap!!! Not sense “What Hurts The Most” have the Flatts boys revealed a song like this. There are very minor flaws to this song, considering that it it a little complicated when you dig deep into it and it is a very depressing song, but it works. I’m fully aware I’m probably one of few in this field who will not pan this song, but I truly respect the Flatt’s boys returning to the power and the sense of reality that often makes their ballads some of the best the industry has to offer.


Grade: A

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  1. January 21, 2009 11:04 am

    I agree with your review. I’ve been in country radio for 14 years and have followed RF to where they’re at now. I have to say the single thing I enjoy most about this song is the fact that Gary doesn’t feel the need to over sing it. He lets his great tone do the work for him. I think this is the best sounding ballad the guys have put out in a couple of years. Number one with a bullet.


  2. gloria permalink
    January 21, 2009 2:48 pm

    I personally don’t like it, but I’m no expert. Too much production in it to suit me. Sounds just like every other song they sing! Sorry, but Gary’s voice annoys me!

  3. gloria permalink
    January 23, 2009 3:23 pm

    After your review, I went back and listened again to this song and I still don’t think it’s that great of a song. Like I said before, sounds just like all their songs! Well, I tried!

  4. January 31, 2009 5:56 pm

    This is a good review, while it’s not a really good song IMO, it still is more decent than the embarrasing “Bob That Head” or the unoriginal “Here”, while I know others are not rooting for Rascall Flats, I really hope they do make better albums and go back to quality songs like “I’m Movin’ On”.

  5. sobrepera permalink
    November 11, 2009 7:22 pm

    I really like the song, i think is very touching even though the video confuses me a little bit… but, man, the music is what matters! Gary nailded it!

  6. Vin Who permalink
    September 27, 2014 4:55 am

    I hope that since January 2009 you have resorted to using a dictionary to avoid a confusion between the spellings of ‘Sense’ and ‘Since’. Maybe if you have read a few more reviews of the song and the group’s opinion of the video, you may havealready changed your mind. But thank you anyway.

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