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Single Review: “Sounds Like Life To Me” by Darryl Worley

January 20, 2009

If there is one thing Darryl Worley needs it’s a song that is well enough established to gain enough attention where it re-fuels his career off of a relatively new record label. He had this for a brief time when “I Just Came Back From A War” cracked the top 20 when he was on the now closed 903 record label. Now he finds himself signed to Stroudavarious Records in the same position with his second attempt from the label, only this time his new song is not as dependable.

From a general overview this song is typical Darryl Worley, smooth paced and trying to solve life’s little problems. Worley is no stranger to this concept considering that he’s covered it twice over, once in his #1 song “Awful Beautiful Life” and again in his final song for 903 “Living In The Here And Now”. That being said, this song is very repetitive of what Darryl has brought to the table already, a huge pothole in his road back to stardom. However this is not the worst aspect of this song. What really causes it to lose its touch is the approach Darryl’s character takes to solving these little problems life throws at us.

The story follows Darryl’s character to a bar to comfort his buddy after he seems to break down from life’s speed-bumps. In the process of cheering him up the narrator speaks over his buddy and constantly seems to interupt him from his venting story to offer a basic solution, deal with it, that’s life. Here is where the song takes it’s tragic turn. While this is a noble gesture and a decent attempt to open the eyes of the public it also comes off as heartless and selfish from Darryl’s character. Instead of accepting these problems and taking them in stride, he consistently thinks his solution of just sweeping them under the rug will keep them from haunting his friend again and again.

Basically Darryl brings his traditional sentiment to the table in an attempt to re-fuel his career once again, but in the process his intentions are overshadowed by a storyline that very easily drowns out the significance of the song and a concept that is nothing new or unique at all coming from both him and the genre. As a filler this could have been a decent song, but as a hopeful comeback hit it is both sloppy and bland. A little less of the narrator and a little more of life’s little problems would have made this song much more effective and maybe a little more sincere and realistic.


Grade: C


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