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Single Review: “God Must Really Love Me” by Craig Morgan

January 17, 2009

Anyone familiarwith Craig’s playlist knows that he is a man of faith and a true believer. He revealed this openly in his only #1 hit to date “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and he does this again in his second single from his new BNA album That’s Why, “God Must Really Love Me”. As cliche as it is, this power ballad focuses on Craig’s recollection of his life and all the stupid things he’s done coming to the one conclusion that God must really love him to keep him alive today.

I’ve read quite a few reviews that find this concept rather comical, seeing as it’s common belief that God usually takes those from earth who he wants to join him in heaven. However, that is far from my own criticism of the song, although I find this ballad far from greatness in relation to what Craig has to offer. Aside from the cliche message and the possible twists that could spell trouble for the message Morgan portrays here, the story is a rather touching one that serves as an eye opener for the typical rebel or risk taker. What I dislike about this song is how it is portrayed musically, meaning the production and arrangement.

A good message is always an upside to a song, but if it’s accompanied by less that satisfying quality it doesn’t come off as good as it should. While Craig gives his always sincere and well established performance to a lyric that, despite it’s controversial issues, tells an effective and thought provoking story, the production and arrangement of the song itself are actually quite sloppy. The background tends to overpower Craig rather than support him like it should and the overall production tries too hard to make this song a power song of revelation and self-awareness when all it really needs is what Craig has to offer. It’s sad because I am a true fan of Craig’s, but this song is not stained so much by the lyrics or by any possible flaw in Morgan’s performance as it is by the producer’s poor attempts to add something to make this song more than it should have been.

Grade: C

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