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Single Review: “Things To Do In Wichita” by Mark Chesnutt

January 13, 2009

Mark Chesnutt is pretty much the landmark artist for Loften Creek Records as their classical offering to the country music world. He continues this image with another classical tune based in the famed country town of Wichita. Mark takes the character of a lonely man, apparently facing the results of a relationship gone bad, and coming to grips with life in a lonely hotel alone.

Although I find the lyric/melody combination to be a bit bland, it’s a nice traditional bit of fresh air from Mark that not only reminds the country world how good he is, but also reminds us about how solid country music can be. Despite this one minor issues, the rest of the song is pretty decent quality. Mark incorporates his traditional tone and feeling that brings out the character in his songs quite well, and the story itself is both simple and effective in the best way. However, I can’t sit here and say I see this as one of the best songs at radio right now, despite these advantages. I see this as the runt of the litter, trying so hard to get the attention it needs and deserves, but although it’s nice and attractive and well liked by quite a few people it won’t get the attention it obviously deserves. But, to it’s credit, if traditional country was to make it’s comeback, this is the kind of song I’d want it to do it with.

Grade: B

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  1. Bogie permalink
    January 27, 2009 1:42 am

    Come on people. This is great music. I know it’s difficult to recognize. I learned this song before it every came out.People like this song.Let any top radio act perform this song. They can’t pull it off. Who’s gona do it. Chesney? Are you kidding? Toby? Keith Urban? I saw Mark do a version of Hank Jrs’ Blues Man many years ago in Beaumont. NOBODY does “Blues Man” Like Mark. George Strait could pull off “Wichita” But that’s it. Mark is one of the greatest country voices of all time. Granted, his song selections have been questionable, but the voice is undeniable. Buy the CD/Turn off the radio.

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