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Single Review: “Man Of The House” by Chuck Wicks

January 9, 2009

Chuck Wicks’ third release from his debut album is one of sentiment, power, and importance…but maybe a little to much of it. The album’s closing track is a well established ballad about a ten year old boy who takes over his father’s responsibilities while he is at war and is forced to come face to face with growing up a little too soon. With it comes another soft and power-driven performance by Wicks who seems to be quite talented at playing off of the emotional background of his songs.

The story tells of a boy who has grown up in order to keep his family running while his dad is at war, from waking his mom and sister up to doing what needs to be done around the house. There are also signs of weakness that he wishes not to show, like his crying when he hears more about the war or when his dad calls on the weekend. Sounds like the making of a pretty decent song right. Well this is almost the case. The problem with this song is not in the writing, it’s in Chuck’s performance of the song. Filled with interesting presentation and powerful situations it shouldn’t have taken much to bring out what was needed from this song. However Chuck tries, a little to hard, to bring out every bit of it that he could.

Wicks’ sultry ballad voice may have worked well with his debut single “Stealing Cinderella”, but here it goes a little to over the top. Chuck tries too hard to make this song a tearjerker, which end up taking away from what was a generally good and heart-warming story. This is a good song, not the perfect song to tackle the subject, but it is unique and it is quite attractive. But in the long run it becomes more annoying than memorable because there is only so much intensity one can take with a story like this before it just becomes too old or depressing to care anymore.

Grade: C+


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