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Single Review: “She Could’ve Been Mine” by Keith Anderson

January 6, 2009

The problem with Keith Anderson is that his music is generally too unique for the country genre. However that doesn’t stop him from having good material for the genre, namely with “I Still Miss You” and “Every Time I Hear Your Name”, his slower offerings. Although it’s not as good, his new single from his album C’mon is no different, standing as one of the the best he has offered in his career.

Once again we see Keith in a more unique sound of his own exploring his own material in his own way. With that in mind it’s hard to find much of anything that could be considered solid country in this song as it was with “I Still Miss You”, but on that same note this doesn’t mean it’s bad. This is a good song, not fabulous, just good and average. Keith lays out his excellent emotional delivery once again to take the persona of a man dealing with his regret for not jumping at the chance he had with the girl he loved, and in the end seeing her daughter and realizing everything he missed from not taking that chance.

It isn’t as good as the other ballads that have become the biggest hits of Keith’s career, but it’s good enough to provide him with another shot at re-establishing a presence at radio. Although his forte is country/rock songs, Keith shines the most when he takes on a powerful ballad like this one and always delivers a deep and intense performance. The fact of the matter here is that this song is one of Keith’s better songs, but will have to compete a lot harder to gain credibility at country radio.


Grade: B-

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