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Single Review: “Marry For Money” by Trace Adkins

January 6, 2009

So recapping what Trace has offered up the past few years, the last time he hit it big with a comical, upbeat song was with “Ladies Love Country Boys” in 2007, then a streak of mid tempo and slow power ballads helped him restart his career. Now Trace offers up his official second single from his latest album X which brings him back to his upbeat and country/rock style performance songs. “Marry For Money” is Trace’s latest attempt at comical redneck entertainment….and it’s not that bad of an offering actually.

I would stray from declaring this one of Trace’s very best, but after a few more powerful songs the past year it’s actually entertaining to hear Trace return to a more entertaining, hillbilly tone. In this song Trace finds himself as a man who has married for love and devotion and in the end lost everything, so he comes to one conclusion and that’s that the next time he marries it’ll be for only one thing, the money. Now this sounds like it could be a rather crude and ridiculous concept to tackle, but it’s actually not in Trace’s case. Where this song could have been a ridiculous romp of over the top pop humor, Trace turns it into an effectively comedic farce about love in one of its quirkiest forms.

To top it all off I deeply respect what this and the first single “Muddy Water” have attempted to do, and that is to remind the country world that despite the success it brought him, the TV shows and pop culture attention Trace garnered through 2008 have not changed him from the fun loving country singer he has always been.


Grade: B+

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  1. Mike K permalink
    January 6, 2009 8:34 pm

    Good review,

    I got to see Dave Turnbull sing this at the Bluebird Cafe about a year ago, before he knew if anyone was going to record it and I though it was a great song. Trace does a good job with it and I think that you are right in your evaluation of what is best for Trace musically. I think there are certainly folks who love Trace for his slow ballads, but there are also people like me who like Trace for “Rough & Ready”, “Chrome”, and “Ladies Love Country Boys.”

    I’m new to the site and would just like to say thanks for all the reviews, info, etc.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. cowboybleau permalink*
    January 7, 2009 12:22 am

    Thanks Mike. I’ll agree with you, I’ll take “You’re Gonna Miss This” and “Every Light In The House Is On” any day, but sometimes I just need a good redneck song from Trace. I saw him live and even his best ballads were overshadowed by the entertainment quality his fast songs in the end.

  3. pete h permalink
    January 15, 2009 6:26 pm

    Very funny stuff !!
    It seems Trace knows how to over sing a song with tongue in cheek !
    great radio record !


  1. Trace Adkins "Marry For Money" Listen to New Trace Adkins Music | The Georgia Jukebox

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