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5 Top Album Cuts of 2008

December 21, 2008

Over the course of 2008 quite a few artists managed to score some pretty decent success with singles that weren’t even supposed to be released yet. In the spirit of the year’s end I decided to list the top five album cuts that either charted due to unsolicited airplay or were not included in radio, but were given a video or other form of release. Unfortunately these singles did not make the cut in my best songs of 2008 list, so I thought it appropriate to start off my end of the year program by giving some of them this honorable mention.


#5: “ChangFearless covere” by Taylor Swift
Before Taylor even had “Love Story” in the radio mix she managed to get some decent radio play from the closing track of her sophomore album Fearlesswhich was an inspirational tune called “Change”. Charged by its use in promoting the 2008 Olympic Games the song became not only a popular download, but one of the years most requested album cuts.




#4: “Low” by The Early Years Soundtrack coverSara Evans
I was announced that Sara’s twangy, bluegrass based song would become the first “single” from the soundtrack to Billy: The Early Years, however it was not given that royalty. Instead it was considered a cut from the album to promote the film rather than a legitimate single thus the only real thing it ever got was a video which was the official video for the film. In the end this enjoyable song of energy and inspiration became not a radio hit, but a hit video instead.



#3: “SundaBalls covery Morning” by Elizabeth Cook
Argue it all you want, Elizabeth Cook’s excellent second single from her critically praised album Balls sadly was not a radio single. Although Cook is a must hear in the country world her singles are mainly limited to just the videos. the problem with Cook is that she comes from a small label and many believe she sounds to serious or too country for country radio, whatever that means. Whatever the case this may not have hit radio, but the video is worth every second just to hear the song.


#2: “I Can’t Outrun You” by Trace Adkins
X coverI really wish i could have included this in my end of the year countdown, but it wouldn’t have been fair to overturn a deserving song for a song that was only released by Trace as a video that took a backstage look into his recording lie and served as further advertisement for hit latest album. It was rumored this song would be his next single, but it has been put on hold for right now and the video was only aired for two weeks to try and increase album sales. This song is still a huge work of art regardless and here’s hoping that it gets its chance someday soon.



#1: “Life In A Northern Town” by Sugarland featuring Little Big Town and Jake Owen
Love on the Inside coverNot only was this song the most popular hit here on Country Music Central this year, bringing in more than 4,000 viewers, it was also the most popular album cut of the year with unsolicited airplay vaulting it into the top 30 in the charts. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment for a song that isn’t actually a single. Fans loved it and radio loved it, but in the end it was not an official single, being overshadowed by “All I Want To Do” and “Already Gone”. Although it wasn’t an official release, this combination of three of the hottest new acts of the past two or three years was a huge hit all the same.

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  1. Chris D. permalink
    December 23, 2008 4:39 am

    Wait, “Low” wasn’t a real single? That would explain the poor charting!

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