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Equity Records Closing Shop

December 16, 2008

Equity Music Group, a record label owned by artist Clint Black, is closing its door for the time being due to poor artist success and poor economy.

The label has been the home of it’s owner and flagship artist, Black, since 2003 and has accumulated a series of popular and new artists over the years. Black explained that he created the label in an attempt to create a more equal and fair environment for artists and to provide them with equal and steady income for their sales from day one. The label has been home to artists such as Carolyn Dawn Johnson and mark Wills who were trying to spark new life in their career and is now the home to 2008 newcomers Laura Bryna and Blake Wise and experienced artists Carolina Rain and Kevin Fowler. However the only real success story for the label was the group Little Big Town who left the label for Capital Records earlier this year.

As a result of their most successful act dropping out, the label took a hard his financially and, combined with the economic times, failed to entice investors to help keep the program running. This comes as a huge blow to it’s staff leaving it’s artists and workers all looking for new jobs.

The label’s president Tim Wipperman commented on the closing stating “Our investors tried to find a way to keep the doors open at Equity, but with a struggling industry, an overall decline in discretionary spending by consumers and a total freeze on credit markets, the Board of Directors has been forced to make this difficult decision”.

– Tuesday Dec. 16, 2008

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