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Single Review: “Low” by Sara Evans

December 10, 2008

Just when I thought 2008 was going to end without an effective song from Sara Evans I hear this song on CMT. From the soundtrack to the film Billy: The Early Years comes an upbeat tune that should provide enough amusement as fans await the next installment of Sara Evans collection of albums.

This song is a breath of fresh air for this genre, and for Evan’s career. Her greatest hits project failed to produce any real “greatest hits” of its own by missing the top 10, so it looked as if Evans career was on a downward slope. This song denies that. It revolves around a person who has tried to make their life the best it can be and has seen their share of disappointments and accomplishments. In the process they’ve learned one thing, “you can’t keep me low”. The production combines good old fashion picking with an often overplayed message that is actually kept quite simple and compliments Sara’s control of her performance.

Not only is this song simple, it’s entertaining and well performed so if this is any reflection of what Sara has for her fans and the country genre in the next year or two then I can’t wait to hear more.


Grade: A

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