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Album Review: “Little Bit Of Everything” by Billy Currington

December 10, 2008

Little Bit of Everything cover

2.5 Stars


Billy Currington has been barely missing the spotlight of radio and superstardom for the entirety of his career in country music. Despite this he has created a solid fan base and managed to score a few #1 hits in the process. After taking a short hiatus Billy has returned to the country music community with new aspirations. Apparently he wants to show off a more sophisticated side of himself….because that is all his third project has to offer.

Billy’s newest ventures include girls in bikinis, good ol’ boys driving trucks and wooing a girl who should already be heads over heels in love with you. Billy slows his entire personality down a bit for a more relaxed album that focuses more on the romance of his songwriting and the touchy, feely aspect of his voice. In fact very few tracks on this project stray from the concept of love and even fewer are meant to get you up off the couch and dancing to the beat like “Good Direction” or “I Got A Feelin'”. Actually, to get right to the point, the entire feel behind this project is not that Billy has grown at all in his career, but that he is still a little confused as to what he actually wants to sound like and how he wants to portray himself as an artist.

As I said most of this album is about romance, making love, growing love, losing love, even the difficulty of actually admitting love. Very few songs stray from these major concepts which makes for a relatively boring project. The first single “Don’t” is right up there with these lovey dovey songs and not only showcases basically the platform for the entire project as far as song choice, but it reveals how Billy is trying to test his own boundaries with this project and try some new things. With that you have  song like “Heal Me” which once again tries to bend Billy’s country music into a whole new shape. The problem with both these songs is that they fail miserably. Instead of taking chances, which seems to be the tradition among country artists, and going out on a limb with a more entertaining song or even a more out there sound, Billy just adds a little blues, jazz and 80’s balled feel that does nothing at all.

Keeping with the concep of love and romance, Billy does have some fireflies in this dark abyss. “Every Reason Not To Go” is a man’s attempt to convince the woman he loves not to move away and make her believe that he will be her reason to stay. You also have the sultry “No One Has Eyes Like You” which is probably the best established love ballad in this whole project simply for the fact that it’s well written and much more fitting of the relaxed nature that seems to engulf this entire project. The sad part is that this album is so full of boring material that songs like these only shine as individual tracks rather than as gems in the entire culmination of the project.

Even Billy’s more out there songs are not as delightful as he has been known to make them. That hillbilly boy that seemed to have the ability to take an upbeat song like “Good Directions” and make it his own is no longer present for this album. The album opens with “Swimmin’ In Sunshine” which tries hard to be as competitive in the summer song catalogue as Faith Hill’s “Sunshine In Summertime” or Kenny Chesney’s “Summertime”, but fails miserably. For a song of its type it lacks any of the real energy and enjoyment that makes these songs hits. “People Are Crazy” would even be a good song if it contained a little more energy, but what would you expect for a song that is centered around how messed up the world is right now. To help bring some life back to the project however Billy does provide a little bit of entertainment quality in “How Country Boys Roles”, but not nearly enough to help this album off its knees.

Billy began his career as a promising underdog who was able to take a song and make it his own without really overdoing it. he scored a couple #1 hits and a CMT Music Video Award, but followed all this up by taking a break to rethink his approach to music after the failure of “Tangled Up”. His new approach consists of him completely shifting his once diverse sound around to create this project, an album full of relatively dull and safe material that does little to nothing to actually better him as an artist. Billy has potential, he has shown it time and time again, but this album was not the way to try and re-fuel that fire. What should have been a little bit of everything turns out to be a whole lot of nothing with a few bright moments.

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  1. December 10, 2008 11:28 pm

    While you were more generous than I was, I think we ultimately agree on this one.


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