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Single Review: “White Horse” by Taylor Swift

December 3, 2008

Taylor is a class act. Sometimes she’s bordering on her pop imagery with songs like “Picture To Burn” and sometimes she shows of songs like this, “White Horse”, a powerful bland of fairytale and reality that actually goes over quite well for her.

Taylor, in all her writing prowess, seems to have a gift for mature wordplay when she wants to apply it. In this balled she manages to incorporate the classic fairytale imagery of the princess and the prince on a white horse to actually reveal a sense of heartbreak and loss through the lies of her ex. While this all sounds complicated Taylor makes it simple stating “It’s to late for you and your white horse to come around.” This single isn’t the best Taylor could have offered, but it’s one of the best she’s had in her career thus far.

Grade: B+

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