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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #14 – “I Just Came Back From A War” by Darryl Worley

December 2, 2008

Here and Now

In connection to his #1 hit “Have You Forgotten” in 2003, Darryl went out on a more fragile limb in late 2006 with his own soldier song. This song would be his most successful attempt back at radio sense the fall of Dreamworks Records and would become a significant work for today’s generation of soldiers.

Darryl decided to tackle a more personal point of view of the war in Iraq by surrounding more the lives of the soldiers fighting there rather than the source of the issue. In the process he explained that he wanted to sing a song that would not be either anti-war or pro-war, but strictly relative to the soldier’s who, for better or worse, are doing their duty right now and are returning to a society that is juggling whether to support or hate them. In doing so Darryl managed to touch the concept from a much less controversial standpoint than his #1 hit did after 9/11.

The song’s storyline follows the personal experiences of a soldier returning to society after serving overseas in Iraq. When he does both him and his friends and family begin to realize how much he has changed from his experience. On a more personal level the soldier goes deeper into the conflict of the peoples’ questionable support for people like him in probably the two most memorable lines in the whole song: “I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for/ a land where my brothers are dying for others who don’t even care anymore.”

It is with these two sentences that Darryl’s song slips into the #14 slot in this countdown. This song provided a strong voice for returning soldiers of today’s world by focusing less on the soldier’s being overseas and more on how they are welcomed home. With such a controversial event occurring right now it’s not hard for people to forget that these soldiers didn’t start this war nor did they ask to be overseas, but they are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the people here and often don’t get all the respect they deserve from their own people.

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  1. December 3, 2008 3:33 pm

    This song almost makes me forget about “Have You Forgotten.” Almost. Nice choice.

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