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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #16 – “Bumper Of My S.U.V” by Chely Wright

November 30, 2008

The Bumper of My S.U.V.

Chely Wright, once one of country music’s leading ladies, attempted to re-vamp her career a few years back by touching on the soldier concept with a song originally inspired by her support for her brother in the U.S. Marines and an actual event that took place when she put a Marines sticker on the bumper of her car. Accompanied almost completely by piano, this song shines as one of the more artistic and tear-jerking melodies in Chely’s catalogue.

Chely once explained the story of this powerful balled to her fans during a signing. She explained that her brother had given her the sticker for her car and a woman had taken offence to it and addressed the issue with Wright. The sticker, and this song, were mistaken as pro-war which was not Chely’s intent on either matter. Chely wrote the song to describe her experience and to support her family which contains many members of the armed forces, not to support the war in Iraq.

The story of the song follows Chely in her S.U.V driving down the road when she gets the finger from a passing woman who dislikes her Marines bumper sticker. For whatever reason, this person is insulted, whether it be more personal or due to the possibility of pro-war tendencies, and Chely begins to defend her sticker by explaining how her family served in the Marines and that that little piece of plastic is meant to support the soldiers as people rather than the war that they are in.

This piano based ballad may not have been Chely’s saving grace, in fact it was recorded at her disgression, but this powerful song was a real eye-opener for country radio. Chely’s autobiographical tune touched on a powerful concept of how being anti-war can clog the reality of a situation and turn Americans against each other in the worst of times. A person like Chely can easily be supporting their family members and friends who serve or have served in the armed forces, but still fall victim to the concept of war and anti-war that litters many American minds when soldiers are involved.

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  1. Katy Howe permalink
    December 14, 2009 5:25 pm

    Hey I love the song The Bumper of My S.U.V.

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