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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #17 – “The Other Little Soldier” by Josh Gracin

November 28, 2008

Josh serves as another country artist who offers a first hand experience of being in the armed forces when he approaches the concept of soldiers and war. A former member of the US Marine Corps, Josh managed to skip out of this touchy concept for the greater part of his career, allowing him to show himself as his own person and to avoid creating an image of him in his career solidly based off of his service in the forces, but he did offer up one unreleased track from his debut album that serves as one of the more powerful songs on this list.

As a father, Josh has an understanding of what it’s like to be a father in the forces. He also has a reference to look into to help him understand what it’s like for the children back home for their father to be off at war and for them to have minimal understanding of what is going on. This song attempts to capture that concept and provide that same first-hand reference that Josh had for his audience. This purpose of this song is to provide a detailed look into the experience of a child who must come to grips with his father serving his duty.

The boy in the song must face his father’s leaving and being shipped overseas, apparently to Iraq. While there the boy learns about being the man of the house and taking care of his mother, in addition he is inspired by his father and what he is doing even though he has no idea exactly why his dad is not around. The song comes to a climax when the little boy must face his father’s casket and although he is oblivious to the professional aspects of the armed forces he gives his dad a solute, a sign that he may literally become a soldier in the future.

The little boy in this balled becomes the little soldier in this war we are having in Iraq today. He represents the children of the armed forces members who are putting their lives on the line and although he doesn’t know what his dad is fighting for he stands behind him, supports him and does his best to grow up fast enough to help with whatever he can in his father’s absence. “The Other Little Soldier” may be the only soldier song Josh has offered up thus far in his career, but it’s a good one and allows his listeners to understand that the children of soldiers are as involved in this conflict as the soldiers themselves in a way.

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  1. November 28, 2008 5:01 am

    I was really surprised they chose not to release thisas a single as I think it’s message would’ve been well recieved on the radio.

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