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Single Review: “How Do I Just Stop” by Richie McDonald

November 22, 2008

You may know Richie McDonald as the former front-man for the band Lonestar. Richie left the group after conflicts arose due to song choices and different views of where the band should be going in their career, which was faulting badly at the time. Well now Richie is on his own, offering up his first single for the newly christened Stroudavarious Records and his first real country release as a solo act.

What this single brings back for fans of the once great lead singer is that emotion that he threw into all his songs with Lonestar. This balled is packed with emotion of regret and personal torture, so much so it almost seems as if Richie could break down on any word. However, that does not make for a perfect song. Richie’s debut solo single is littered with production errors and is actually quite underwritten. The verses and chorus don’t help to carry much of Richie’s emotional state through the song and actually end up making him sound a bit silly by overpowering dull wordplay with powerful expression.

Simply put, Richie tries his best to make this a good song, but its just not happening. It almost seems like “How Do I Just Stop”, with its oversimplified writing and strange production, would have been better off with a relatively drier performance than what Richie wanted to give it.


Grade: C-

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  1. November 24, 2008 2:01 pm

    I always disliked his voice because I always felt he was over powering it when a more laid back performance would sound better and vice versa. This just doesn’t do anything for me and I feel bed for doing so but I’m rooting against him.

  2. November 25, 2008 4:33 am

    Ouch Jordan, harsh. I actually always enjoyed his voice in Lonestar..many of their songs required that emotional tendency..but I think this song proves he thinks he can rely on it a little too much.

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