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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #20 – “Come Home Soon” by SHeDAISY

November 20, 2008

Although they have almost fallen off the map, SHeDAISY hit a huge high point in their career when the three sisters came to radio with what would become one of their most memorable hits. Although it never actually refers to soldiers in this song, “Come Home Soon” struck a major chord among war-stained families.

The SHeDAISY sisters managed to pull together their separate talents to bring out a well written, well harmonized, and emotionally charged song of personal angst and torture resulting from being apart from a loved one for an extendedperiod of time. The events depicted have served as a powerful expression of how many soldier wives are reminded daily of the men they love and the possibility that they will not return simply by interacting with everyday items or performing their everyday routines.

The video served as an representation of unity and mutual understanding not only between wives but between men and children too who for any reason have been separated from the most important people. The video depiction of the song expresses longing and unified concern based more off of soldier that people, both family and strangers, feel for those overseas or those who are putting their live on the line.

Although the word “solider” never actually shows up in the song itself, it has served as an emotional and relative anthem for family members of all sides who have been forced to be separated from their loved ones in the armed forces. The video is the key to this song as a soldier anthem for it helped advertise it as a unifying balled for all who are concerned about the well being of those on the battlefield. This song is one of great importance because although it is not directly about a solider, it has managed to act as a balled of togetherness and mutual concern for those putting their lives on the line for the people they love.

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  1. November 24, 2008 1:57 pm

    This song is one of my favorites from SHeDASIY. They may not be the most country sounding artist but Kristyn’s writing is amazing and this is one of her best peices.

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