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Single Review: “Space” by Sarah Buxton

November 14, 2008

Sarah Buxton was asked to comment on being offered her own record deal while “Stupid Boy” was still in rotation for Keith Urban (a song she wrote for those who still don’t know). When asked she explained how she couldn’t understand why any label would give her a chance with her “scratchy” and “cracky” voice. Well….this is why.

Not only is her voice perfect for country music, cracking in the right places every time she sings and adding a little bit of feel to her already great performance quality on her songs, but she can really sing despite her own opinions before. Instilled with a new confidence by the release of her digital album Almost My Record and the success of “Stupid Boy” for such a big artist as Keith Urban, she releases what will hopefully be her breakout hit with “Space” a powerful and interestingly tongue and cheek song where Sarah tells her man that if he wants space she’ll give it to him, and lots of it.

The lyrics falter a little bit to help carry the song, but they don’t need to. Sarah’s performance alone carries inch of this song to a whole new height for her. The song sounds powerful and has is emotional moments, highlighted by the “scratches” and “cracks” of her voice, but is not to overpowering and draws the listener in quite well. For an artist who has always been a huge fan favorite when she hit the scene and has been complimented across the board for her talent, Sarah has been foolishly discarded by radio and this song shows them exactly what they’ve been missing. Hopefully radio will finally open their ears for this one and realize this girl has potential.


Grade: A+

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  1. November 24, 2008 1:53 pm

    I’m glad that she’s chose to sing because I’m completley in love with her voice. I really hope this one becomes a hit that way we finally get a physical album from her.

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