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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #24 – “God, Family And Country” by Craig Morgan

November 11, 2008

I Love It

Nothing is more refreshing, or appropriate, than a soldier singing about a soldier. Craig is only one of many to tackle the soldier concept as a former member of the forces. As an Army veteran Morgan took his own experience as a solider a put it into a feel good song dedicated to the life of true American people and soldiers alike. In his debut album, and his actual debut single, Craig went back to the WWII era of the 1940s to revisit the commitment of soldiers at the time, while incorporating his own experiences as a soldier to make it believable.

Craig’s debut single, which faired a measly #49 as one of his most underrated singles to date, drew attention to the aging of a man in the WWII era from young boy to devoted Army soldier and finally to death and the folded flag at a ripe old age. Also recorded by the band 4 Runner in 2003, and co-written by Craig and the band’s baritone vocalist Craig Morris, the personal relevance of the story is foggy to critics. Many believe the song to be written about a close relative to Craig while other seem to find no real personal relevance to the man in the song at all. Whatever the case, Craig Morgan made well sure he would make a point in his first offering to radio by paying an entertaining, yet meaningful tribute to the WWII veterans and the lives they lived before, after and during the conflict.

This song may not go down as Craig’s best work, and it may seem surprising that it is this high on the list when related to some of the other songs thus far, but there is reason. Craig, as a soldier, openly denies the depressing or tragic feeling the story of the song could have taken on. Instead of putting it off a tear-jerking, powerful song using metaphors of terror and war scenes, he takes the opportunity to do something different, yet just as effective. He takes the concept of an experienced war veteran and focuses more of their life and values as a true American opposed to their full blown experience and reveals the three things that are always a common and everlasting factor that keeps every soldier pushing on, God, Family and Country.

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