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Album Review: “Greatest Hits Volume 1” by Rascal Flatts

November 9, 2008

Greatest Hits Volume 1

3 Stars

When you think of modern country music one of the first groups that comes to mind is of course Rascal Flatts. These three guys hit the scene in 2000 in a big way and never looked back and although they were beaten out for several new artist awards, they rose to the peak of popularity faster than any of their competitors. After eight years of albums, touring, awards and top ten singles the boys have finally hit a career milestone with their first package of greatest hits.

As with any GH package, it is important to measure the significance of the singles included in the project and why those that were excluded were, in fact, excluded. The Flatts boys make it a point to only include their most popular, but not generally most successful, radio hits to the project for the purpose of summing up what has become a huge career of hits. In fact the Flatts boys have only missed the top 10 twice and only one of those two hits is added to this collection. That is “Life Is A Highway”, a song the boys covered for the film CARS and was charted due to unsolicited airplay. Despite this the song reached #18, a spot it probably could have easily bested if given official recognition as a single. Appropriately enough the other non-top 10 single the boys have, “Bob That Head”, is excluded.

Now there lies the huge fault in this album. The Rascal Flatts boys have neglected to add any singles from their most recent album “Still Feels Good” to the project. Their #1 hit “Take Me There” and smaller hits “Winner At A Losing Game” and “Every Day”, despite their distastefulness in relation to the group’s prior works, are not included on a project meant to sum up their career of success. Even the current single “Here” is not added to the list which takes away probably the best advertising opportunity the boys had to brings the package to its peak of sales.

This one mistake will certainly bring this to be the worst selling Flatts album thus far. However, there are many more reasons to actually look into this project if you lack any of the Flatts albums. The collection includes only their most famous and well known hits, which are appropriately enough the most deserving of such an honor. Their debut album brought the groups two breakthrough hits, “Praying For Daylight” and “I’m Movin’ On” which have been included as two of the most significant and longest lasting hits of the trio’s career thus far.

Also included are three songs from the group’s sophomore album Melt. This project was the group’s real claim to fame. The Jefferey Steele song “These Days” was the first single from it, and the group’s first #1 while “I Melt” was a huge #2 hit and “Mayberry” another #1. After Melt the trio became not only a country radio group, but a crossover phenomenon beginning with the powerful title track top 10 hit from their third album, “Feels Like Today”. What would follow would engrave the trio into the music culture forever, their biggest hit to date “Bless The Broken Road”, a powerful love balled that proved once and for all these guys were here to stay. “Fast Cars And Freedom” and “Skin (Sarabeth)”, also from that project, helped to secure this position as a power player by reaching the top 2 on the charts due to fan support.

The final tracks this album takes fro the RF playlist are from the band’s huge, huge album Me And My Gangwhich offered up a more country/pop crossover side. The album brought out three #1 hits for the boys in “What Hurts The Most”, “I Wish” and “Stand” which all became huge pop hits at well. That concludes the playlist. So as you can see there isn’t much of anything new that this band offers to really spice things up a bit. In fact, as their only attempt at advertising the project, the boys added three Christmas songs on a second CD which are really nothing special.

To those who are new to the Flatts or have only recently become a fan in the past couple of years, this project is for you. It sums up the greater portion of the boys’ careers, although it ousts their most recent work and hits. However, for those who have followed Rascal Flatts this far and have all their albums, even if you’re only missing just one, this project should be passed over because it offers absolutely nothing new from the boys at all. While it is respectable and appropriate the boys were picky and chose their best hits for their first GH album, it is very disappointing for a fan like myself that there is really nothing new to look forward to here.

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  1. November 9, 2008 4:46 pm

    I’m not really a fan of them at all so I don’t have any further comment.

  2. May 13, 2011 10:17 pm

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