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Single Review: “Sweet Thing” by Keith Urban

November 5, 2008

At the top of his game Keith Urban hits radio again with a brand new single after running his Greatest Hits project. “Sweet Thing” is typical Keith, great guitar, great performance and great entertainment.

“Sweet Thing” is reminiscent of “Somebody Like You” in almost every way. The guitar playing is quite similar, the topic is almost the same, even the feel of the song is familiar to fans of Keith’s breakout hit. This really isn’t a problem, in fact it’s probably a career recovering decision. Keith had failed to really grab huge #1 hits from the past year and it took him returning to that sound that helped him break out by releasing “You Look Good In My Shirt” to return to the top spot on the charts. This single offers the same energy, quality and excellence and brings Keith back to his prime. Another flawless offering from Urban.

Grade: A-

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  1. Gail permalink
    November 5, 2008 3:55 pm

    I agree totally with this review!! People were calling in like crazy when they played it at the station I listen too!! It got a 4 thumbs up rating from everyone that called in. Keith’s got amazing talent!

  2. Jacob permalink
    January 28, 2009 1:58 am

    You nailed it right on the head. I remember listening to “Once in a Lifetime” when it was first released, and feeling like there was something missing from the sound. This brings me back to the Keith Urban I grew up with and that sound that got me hooked! I have this song on repeat now as I type this! Haha!

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