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Single Review: “Down The Road” by Kenny Chesney and Mac McAnally

November 5, 2008

Kenny’s career over the past few years has been littered with controversy and criticism concerning his tropical country sound and his dominance of the Entertainer Of The Year category. He needed a single that would bring him back to what makes him a great artist and a true talent. This is that single.

“Down The Road” teams Kenny with Mac McAnally for an interesting duet. Kenny shifts from tropical beats and tear-jerking messages to reveal a stripped down and simple song about the path of life and going down that road. It’s nice to hear Kenny pull off a song like this with simplicity on his side for a change. It reminds us of how he got to where he is today and rekindles the talent that he has behind the six pack and the sand.

This may not be the best song in his catalogue, but its a song that fans of the genre needed to hear to remind them that behind the controversy of musical style and domination is a great talent deserving of every award he has taken home.

Grade: B+


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