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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #27 – “Pow 369” by Darryl Worley

November 4, 2008

I Miss My Friend cover

Darryl Worley has become one of the most valuable spokesmen for the men and women of today’s and yesterday’s forces in today’s genre. Although it was never released as an official single he penned his own version of a former Doug Stone release that had failed to chart. This song, written by Stephen Dale Jones, focused on an experience of coming face to face with a former POW (prisoner of war) and coming to an understanding of what such people went through for this nation.

The character in the song, the narrator voiced by Worley, finds himself in a rush only to be cut off by an old man who he becomes very angry and violent towards. upon closer examination it is revealed that the old man is POW 369. it is then that the narrator realizes how he mistreated and disrespected a man who put his life on the line to protect the freedoms and safety that he has in America today. This is symbolic in a way when looking at past conflicts of American war involvement. one that comes to mind is Vietnam, a situation that had POW’s returning with no more respect than what the narrator had given POW 369 in the beginning of the song.

Although this powerful performance was never a hit single for either Darryl or Doug Stone, it became one of Worley’s biggest crowd pleasers and served as a real eye opener for today’s society as to the respect that these former victims of torture deserve for putting their lives on the line and, in some cases, sacrificing much of their sanity and personal abilities to insure the protection of America. The shame the narrator feels for mistreating a POW is so powerful that given the proper respect it could even make the boldest Democrat shake John McCain’s hand in thanks if it’s not to bold to say.

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