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Top 30 Soldier Songs: #28 – “18 Video Tapes” by Jason Meadows

November 2, 2008

100% Cowboy

Meadows came into the spotlight as a former Nashville Star contestant and has sense then had the same luck as your typical alumni for the show. He has all but fallen off the map but before he lost is small amount of steam he released what is probably the best song in his arsenal, a ballad that approaches the power of a lost father from a very unique angle.

The song begins with a boy asking his mother where his dad is, thus bringing her to a moment she has been waiting for for a while. She brings him to a closet and reveals to him a box of 18 video tapes that his dad had recorded in case he dies, as it is revealed he dies before his son could remember him. These video tapes become a tradition for the boy as he and his mom view one a year. The significant thing about these tapes is that each one is meant to have the father teach a life lesson to his young son that are typical father/son experiences he can no longer teach him face to face.

Although this song never actually mentions war or soldiers in it, the video is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives overseas. With an open mind one could even see the father, who died as a result of an illness or an injury, as a soldier who came face to face with the consequences of serving his country. This song was so touching and so important for war families and soldiers alike when tackling the concept of personal emotion and family ties for our men at arms that it earned Jason his one an only award nomination for the 2008 CMT Music Awards Inspirational Video Of The Year.

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  1. November 3, 2008 3:05 pm

    I really liked this one and I was hoping he’d at the very least chart with it, but alas he didn’t have the “steam”.

    P.S. Not to be nitpicky but could you stop using “Sense” instead of “Since”. It just confuses me everytime I read it.

  2. Cowboy Bleau permalink
    November 3, 2008 8:14 pm

    will do Jordan, just caught that myself when I was reviewing a few of my other past entries.

  3. destin dan permalink
    December 7, 2008 2:58 am

    It’s ironic that this guy would come out w/ such a song who portrays himself as someone who has some knowledge worthy of passing on to his son when he has two children in Denison in TX that he’s failed to visit or speak to in over 15 years and pays a little over $400 per month in child support for both sons? There’s a tape for every year until his son turns 18. Perhaps, the title of the song should have per “19 Video Tapes” if he wanted to pass along fatherly advice onto his son.

    The mysteriously missing 19th tape might have included pertinent information on how to provide clothes for your children, how to ensure that they go to bed every night with a full belly, how to ensure that they are provided the best possible schooling, and perhaps even more importantly, how to be there for his children even if it was to ask them how their day was in school. Unfortunately, Meadows’ 19th tape is inexplicably blank. What a slime ball to promote himself as a family man.

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