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Single Review: “What It Takes” by Adam Gregory

October 28, 2008

At least this guy is consistant. The already established Canadian country star crosses over to the US with his second radio single in this country, this time continuing his sentimental longinf for a woman from a different point of view.

Gregory re-approaches the love for a woman by posing questions about what it will take for him to be accepted as her man. Along the way there is a detectable sense of longing that actually narrows things down to the possibility that this girl has never been in love with him or dated him before. This is not a longing to return to a relationship or hook up with a best friend, but an attempt to connect with someone who is not so close as a best friend, but is not so far away as a failed love from his past. That’s the beauty of the song, it stands in a neutral setting of love and longing, between trying to earn that love and trying to recieve it back. Adam has potential, a lot of it, and turns out another solid performance for his second go at American country radio.

Grade: B

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  1. Canadian Girl permalink
    October 29, 2008 8:50 pm

    I have to say, I love Adam, have since he was 14/15 with the release of his first single “Horseshoes” in Canada. To see him grow and evolve as an artist, and knowing that Americans get to finally see and hopefully enjoy his music as much is great. And this song really is amazing, I listen to it again and again. Hopefully he continues to find success in the States and keeps putting out stellar hits


  1. Adam Gregory "What It Takes" - Listen to "What it Takes" from Adam Gregory | The Georgia Jukebox

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