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Single Review: “God Love Her” by Toby Keith

October 28, 2008

Toby Keith, the Big Dog Daddy, is in fact one of the most appropriate icons of todays genre. His voice, entertainment quality and ability to swing back and forth have made him the Tony Stewert of country music (NASCAR fans know this metaphor) as one of the most celebrated artists with one of the most shifty careers as far as awards and fan popularity.

The same goes for his songs. Once in a while Toby has a minor hit like “Get My Drink On” or “She’s A Hottie” that manages to measure up to country music’s best but falls short, symptoms that instill fear of a possible faulting career into fans. However Toby always bounces back. Now that “She Never Cried In Front Of Me” has hit #1 Toby tries to keep the momentum and rid himself of the occasional flop to recapture his winning position among today’s greats with “God Love Her”, a song about a rebel child in love with Toby’s character who just happens to be a biker boy living a little to far on the edge.

As the song progresses this rebel child ends up being the man’s savior, teaching him life and love lessons along the way. Coming from Toby this song seems just typical. Actually it revives a long held back sound remanicent of “Whisky Girl” and “My List”, mixing just enough pop and country for the right blend of sound. However because this is geneally a typical song for Toby it is not guaranteed to help him break back into the hard core game of the business, but it certainly has the potential to strike an upbeat chord with casual and devoted fans alike.

Grade: B+


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