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Album Review: “Greatest Hits 3” by Tim McGraw

October 12, 2008

Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Tim McGraw has had a huge career of hits and accomplishments, including not one, but two greatest hits projects. Now he has hit another with his third album of prior hits. It should have been obvious when Tim’s label packaged his first two hits packages together in a special duel pack that another would be coming up. However, it seems premature considering he only has one album and a couple of years separating the two. So, what does this album really have to offer…..?

As with his first hits album, Tim offers nothing new with this project, at least as far as radio is concerned. So what is in this album….a compilation of major hits from Tim’s previous project Let It Go, hits that have been missed thus far and Tim’s teaming with his fellow artists for duets. Those duets are with him and Tracy Lawrence, and him and Def Leppard. “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” brought Tim to #1 as a partner in crime with Tracy and Kenny Chesney last year. It was originally from Tracy’s project and became a huge hit for him more than Tim. In addition big news this year was that Tim was writing and recording a song with and for Def Leppard, “Nine Lives”, which showed up on their recent comeback album and, as his crossover with Nelly on his second hits package, was included on his list of hits.

The exciting thing about this greatest hits package is that it includes a great deal of hits that were overlooked for his previous collections. “Unbroken” was a #1 in early 2002, a big one at that because it was the fourth single and fourth #1 from Tim’s Set This Circus Down album and his 5th consecutive #1 at the time. “Angry All The Time” struck and more powerful chord in 2001 and was also included in that list of #1s from that album. One of the most notable inclusions is “Can’t Really Be Gone” which was a minor #1 for McGraw in 1995 and is probably the most “out there” selection for this play list. Live Like You Were Dying also provides a few hits with “Do You Want Fries With That” and “Back When”, the later being a #1 as well.

The remainder of the album contains hits from Tim’s last album. The recent #1 hit “Last Dollar” and McGraw’s huge send off to fallen soldiers “If You’re Reading This” are there. His latest hit “Let It Go” is also included for some extra advertising quality. To top everything off Curb adds a bonus live track to one of McGraw’s most notable hits “Real Good Man”, which was not only a huge #1 but has become an anthem among country fans as well.

Now that leaves a lot out of this project. It may seem like this is a decent collection, but in reality it fails to shine as it probably could have a few years from now. Not only does it neglect to include “Kristofferson”, also from Let It Go, but it also lacks the timing or creativity of his prior hits packages. It contains only 12 to the 15 and 16 of the first two, and it comes very close to his second package with no new hits to really push it much. All this album really is is a collectors update. It helps fill in the blanks for fans by including hits that have been neglected or did not qualify for his other collections. On that note there are still many hits that Curb has failed to push on these projects. Still to be accredited are “Refried Dreams (#5), “All I Want Is A Life” (#5), “One Of These Days” (#2), and “Kristofferson” (#16), but most notable are the exclusion of probably two of the most memorable performances by Tim, “Drugs Or Jesus” and his cover of “Tiny Dancer”.

For the Tim McGraw fan and the collector, this is probably a must have, but for everyone else this album really offers very little to go with your $10 purchase. If you have Let It Go your should probably let this one go right on by.

3 Stars

3 Comments leave one →
  1. SamB permalink
    October 12, 2008 5:01 pm

    Is there a studio version of If You’re Reading This? Because that may (may!) make it worth it.

  2. cowboybleau permalink*
    October 14, 2008 5:23 pm

    No, the version on this album is the live version that made radio play. The only real shift in song recording on this project is that “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” is just between Tim and Tracy, Kenny has been taken out.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    November 24, 2008 11:50 pm

    you rock out loud

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