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Album Review: “Greatest Hits” by Craig Morgan

October 6, 2008

Greatest Hits

Having made the shift to a new and much larger scale record label and becoming the newest member of the Grand Old Opry, Broken Bow records bids farewell to Craig with a Greatest Hits compilation spanning his time with them. After three albums it would seem that there isn’t much material to role with for an album like this for Craig, who has consistently proven himself to be the most underestimated success on the scene today. This album shares everything about Craig that makes him so worth the listen, from his redneck personality to his flawlessly tear-jerking ballads.

Craig, as you can see, has quite a personality to him. In his interviews and stage shows he’s always got a smile and a aura of optimism about him. Thus when you hear songs like “Redneck Yacht Club” and “Little Bit Of Life” that just make you want to dance, you realize that that is who Craig is. He’s a party animal in his own way. He puts so much personality and enjoyment into these songs that they have become some of his most memorable works, fitting for a GH project I believe, and have helped his fans identify more with Morgan as a person off the stage.

You also have “International Harvester” to keep you up on your feet, his latest hit from the label that was a comical smash at radio from all angles. However, you also have a sensitive spot from Craig that everyone, from critics to fans, has enjoyed the past few years. One of his earliest hits, “Almost Home”, served as his breakthrough tune and was the first taste of the sincerity and personal relevance that Craig can put into a song. Follow that up with “Every Friday Afternoon”, Craig’s story of a man forced to deal with his ex-wife’s potential move and his son leaving with her, and you’ve got yourself a great representation of just how consistent and emotional this guy can be.

To top things off the album includes probably the two most memorable hits of Craig career. “Tough” was another huge breakthrough hit for him, destroying fan barriers he had yet to cross and giving today’s artists a reason to respect him as one of them. The one hit that secured all that, made him a chart success and a force to be reckoned with, was “That’s What I Love About Sunday”, a tune that went down in history as the biggest hit of its release year and topped the cart for four weeks. It was Craig’s first #1 and the song that every country music fan will think of when they hear his name.

For an extra treat, the label added in some of Craig’s fan favorites. “I Love It”, a simple yet well established romance song, and “I’m Country”, another redneck anthem, are added in for spice. Closing things down is “I Am” which is a definitive track for Craig as far as his artistic ability, his connection with the fans and his music, and his entertainment quality. The neat fact about these three songs, there is one from each album he has released.

Craig may not be a big star now, but hitting career milestones like a #1, a bigger label, becoming an Opry member, and releasing a Greatest Hits project may help him finally hit that spot. Craig Morgan has sat on the sidelines a watched the world of country music shift by him just slow enough for him to hold on, but not slow enough for him to stay on pace. Maybe this album proves that he has finally found the groove he needs to roll with the big boys.


412 Stars

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  1. October 7, 2008 2:31 am

    I like Craig but I don’t really think he’s had enough hits to warrant a greatest hits album, but considering broken bow just lost their biggest star I guess they just wanted to squeeze a little more money from him.

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