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Album Review: “Kellie Pickler” by Kellie Pickler

October 2, 2008

Kellie Pickler


Kellie Pickler has made so many strides sense her run on American Idol. She has established a secure spot on the scene without even a top 10 hit, she has become a fan and academy favorite, and she has made herself a well respected role model in the eyes and ears of women young and old. Now that her sophomore album is out, the question is does Kellie overuse her new found fame and glory, or does this album reveal something more that is meant to help answet eh question “who is Kellie Pickler”? The answer is both actually.

Much of this album contains some cliche and mildly repetative tunes, while the remainder contains the aspects of Kellie as an artist and a person. Take songs like “Somebody To Love Me” and “One Last Time“. They both take advantage of her powerful and beautiful vocals within a touchy and delicate matter. As she did with “I Wonder”, probably her greatest song thus far, Kellie offers personal pain in thesesongs through different scenarios. “Somebody To Love Me” has her struggling with her difficulty of finding love. On the other side of that matter, “One Last Time” has her leaving her man and going through everything for one last time before it ends. It is with these songs that Pickler re-establishes the power and sincerity in her voice that made her such as respectable artist with “I Wonder”.

However, not all the songs are so glorious. Some of Kellie’s faster songs on the project actually come off as a little childish and immature. While “I’m Your Woman” adds an entertaining flair to Pickler’s already bubbly personality, it is littered with the same line making up over 75% of the actual song. The following track, “Rocks Instead Of Rice“, has Kellie at a wedding fantasising that everything about the wedding was its negative opposite, such as a hearse instead of a limo and, of course, throwing rocks intead of rice, which is amusing, but comes off a little cliche and over-comical. Also there’s “Best Days Of Your Life” which Kellie co-wrote with Taylor Swift and establishes more of a teenage revenge feel, probably better suited for Taylor than Kellie.

The most intriguing tracks on this album are those that combine a great sense of self and a sense of immaturity from Kellie. The track that comes to mind right off the bat is the closing song “Going Out In Style“. Kellie addresses herself as a fashion lover, always up with the latest things, and explains how when she dies she literally wants to go out in style. What’s cool about this is that it defines what Kellie was trying to establish from a self-titled project, her own identity. So while this is probably the biggest critical mistake on the project, it is also a personal and musical accomplishment for Pickler in a way.

We can’t go without mentioning the two biggest tracks on this project, Kellie’s excellent tribute to her female crowd of fans, “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful“, and her re-release of “Didn’t You Know How Much I Love You” which, for better or worse, allows the listener to recall her first project and see a growth between the two.

Say what you want, criticize to your hearts content because this project does have its flaws, but it is not without its respect. Much of the project is childish and can get annoying after a few repetitions to some, but Kellie attempted to take a little more time with this project to secure a more definite example and representation of who she is as a person and an artist and possibly separate from her own stereotype formed by AI. She has done that, bringing out her bubbly personality, her heart-wrenching touch of reality and even relating to the woman who have come to see her as a role model and a musical hero. In the long run Kellie has released an album that combines common mistakes with perfection, making for an interesting presentation for listener interpretation. My grade may end controversially, but considering what Kellie has accomplished and how she approached this project, it deserves a respectable listen.


3.5 Stars

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