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Single Review: “She’s So California” by Gary Allan

September 27, 2008

Gary Allan is truly one of today’s biggest overlooked stars. He has somehow been passed over for nominations in most any major artist-based category, but is a critic and fan favorite in every way. After his A-grade album Tough All Over, Gary released Living Hard to follow it up with some more optimistic and upbeat tunes. Among the greats in this collections is “She’s So California”.

Excellent and catchy guitar riffs and a masterful vocal performance are what makes this song great. The writing may not be top notch and the message slightly forgettable, but Gary proves here that he has what it takes to take even the most modern song that would seeming drown in the sea of popular artists like Kenny and Rascal Flatts and make it a well established work of art in its own right.

What is really cool about this song is that it’s just meant for plane fun. It’s not an uplfting life lesson or love-based tune like most of Gary’s recent works so it shows something different and new and returns to the fun loving Gary Allan that began his career. So it’s not the best route for Gary when competing against more modern popular artists, but it is a healthy move for him and his fans to move back to a laid-back style and to show radio who really deserves to be the boss.

Grade: B+

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